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(Dr. Majid Abbasabadi and the colleagues)

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Since the formation of attorney institutions in Iran, the attorney of justice organization has been and is able to be active in all legal and advocacy fields and accept any form of claim including legal and retributive, commercial and fiscal, and actually, not only in a professional form, but also accepted to represent the individuals in the court of law because of their reference and the subject of the claim.

As today, due to the advancements and the complexity of the issues specific of urban and industrial societies and the diversity of theoretical legislation, the fact that one may not learn the whole expertise in all the fields and branches of law practically and theoretically in his lifetime, which is not that long these days, if not impossible, is so difficult. So it is of high logic that each person acquires expertise in their preferred field and major, and this necessity requires one offer services, consultation and advocacy in a certain field and major after having gained their proficiency  in that very major.

However, there are some requirements to realize this matter,  and law offices and institutions consist with the presence of different lawyers and counselors and expertise for the individuals to be given consultation and legal advice by the specific lawyer or expert counselor in case they refer to the office since ordinary people are not able to identify experienced lawyers in a specific case easily, and generally ‘Dadgaran Azadandish’ law firm has been established for the above mentioned reasons and to offer legal services and the founders and associates believe in providing the prerequisites collecting expert lawyers and counselors in different fields to form a team to respond to all the needs of the customers considering the subject and the type of the claim.